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Member Spotlight: Meet Debbie, 60 Years Young!

Behind the Member Spotlight Series

It's amazing to see how much our women build strength & confidence over time. While we're regularly inspired by our clients, twice a year we like to step back and celebrate special journeys. 

Today, we honor Debbie, 60 years young! 

Debbie has been with us less than a year but her incredible consistency has been extremely motivating to everyone in her presence. Not only is she improving physically, she's making new friends, feeling better, and really a joy to be around.

Check out her full interview!


Working? Retired? If retired, former occupation

I retired in 2017 after 40 years of working and the last 35 were for PriceClub/Costco as a receiving secretary. Trust me, that was not a sit down JOB. It was very physical which I loved (most days) until the concrete took a toll on my ol’ body.  

Before now, when was the last time (if ever) you consistently exercised?

I have always exercised most of my life. How I make that work for me is I do the things that I really enjoy doing, like bike riding, walking fast and going on hikes. Which did work for a long time until I had a few too many injuries.

What made you take the leap and decide to join us?

I really missed working out and couldn’t motivate myself anymore to do it alone. I have many challenges from past injuries ankle, knee, and hip at times (it’s a domino effect). I became unstable on my feet; my ankle would just give out and down I would go! After a few falls I was determined not to continue down that road. So, I took the leap and joined Fit after 50 SoCal and boy am I really happy I did.

How do you stay consistent?

I’m hooked!!! It’s my saving grace. I look forward to going to class. If I miss one day I feel off and sad. Working out with this class and all these beautifully awesome ladies (& ZACH) has just done wonders for me. It’s not just physical improvement, you get the whole package: mental and emotional state improves too. I feel strong and happy. I’m losing weight and inches are coming off again for the first time in a long time. Ladies you CAN still get FIT after 50+… You just have to want it, show up and get started.

What would you tell people who are nervous to get started with exercise?

If you are looking for an exercise program do not look any further. You need to try Fit after 50 SoCal with Maryann & Zach. It is the best place to start your journey to a new healthier YOU. You will have a lot of fun too.

What’s the most exciting change(s) in your mind and/or body since starting with us?

I’m most excited about how strong and stable I am on my feet. Losing weight and making new friends. My mind is clearer and I feel more alive! Also, last summer I crushed my goal – I can stand up paddle board now!!!!

Favorite & least favorite exercises?

My least favorite exercise is the wall sit, boy that one is tough! Used to HATE dead bugs but not so much anymore.

What’s a tip/piece of advice you wish you knew sooner?

I just wish I would have started sooner. If someone would have told me this was here to try, I would have been there to try it out. It’s OK to go slow, take your time, it will all come together. Just keep MOVING.

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