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  • I've never exercised before. Can I still attend group classes?
    Absolutely! We cater to all levels of fitness and ability. Many of our members are new to our style of training or have been on hiatus for a several years. Our classes are labeled according to level and we have something for everyone! Our Balance, Core & Stability class (Monday mornings) is a great place to start. If you'd prefer, we do offer a 4-class personal training pack called On-Ramp which lays the foundations for most exercises you will see in class and helps build confidence for the group setting. Contact Maryann (310-853-3805) directly to schedule.
  • What should I bring to class?
    We recommend bringing a water bottle! Hydration is important, especially with our lovely Long Beach weather. Bring a mat if you prefer using your own, otherwise one is available at each station.
  • Can I exercise if I have osteoporosis?
    Yes! This is our specialty. Strength training and resistance training can improve bone density and reduce your risk of falls and fractures. Because we only work with women 50 and over, all exercises are designed to accommodate concerns around osteoporosis (for example, no fast rotation around the spine).
  • Can my husband attend class?
    No! All of our classes are only open to women 50 years of age and older.
  • Is everyone really 50 and over?
    For the most part! All of our clients are women with an average age of mid 60s. We do have a few women in their 40s who feel the programming style and format suits their needs as well.
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