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What Do You Want Your Life To Look Like At 85 Years Old?

It's great to live until you're well into your 90s, but if you spend the last 20 or 30 years in so much pain or unable to do the things you used to, you're not really enjoying those last few decades.

Your lifespan may be longer, but your healthspan — the amount of life you live in good health — isn't.

This question was raised on a podcast I listen to frequently and it stopped me in my tracks.

What a thoughtful way to approach fitness, nutrition, and the things we don't always love doing.

It's interesting how readily we are to give up ourselves or not even give ourselves a chance to START. It really is the hardest part. It's way easier to chalk things up to the natural aging process and give in to the idea that it's inevitable.

But is it worth it? How's that working for you?

I'm not talking about lifting super heavy weights or choosing to run instead of walk. We don't really need to do either of those things to age well. But I'd guess you're hoping to get up from a toilet, reach down to pick something up, or any number of activities we take entirely for granted until it's too late.

Invest in your future self - what do you want life to look like in 5, 10, 15 years? Work backwards from there and be honest with yourself about the type of life you are setting up.

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